What is Beauty?

I am not beautiful or even pretty as our society consider beauty! When I was younger and even as I became older I tried to be beautiful and pretty according to our society’s standards.

Believe me when I say it caused me a great deal of unhappiness with myself and within relationships. How could I be loved or give love if I didn’t love myself.

Others took advantage of me because they knew I lacked self-confidence about my looks because I didn’t feel beautiful or pretty.

Now after all these years, I have accepted the fact that I am attractive and that is OK.

I know now that beauty comes from accepting my good points as well as my flaws. It is also accepting others with their flaws.

Beauty is about loving myself, loving and caring about others; not just about looks but about the soul of a person.

Of course, we are attracted to certain people because of looks but that should not be the determining factor. Believe me, I learned that the HARD, HARD way. The magic words are dignity, honesty and character!

So as I age using Jafra as my backup to help with looks. I know my true beauty comes from God.

I like to think of myself now as a beautiful butterfly that has weathered the transformation of being a caterpillar!!!