Accepting Yourself At Every Age

As an older woman, I want to provide support and wisdom to young women and to young men .

As I age, I am learning more and more that life is a process. Every age is confronted with problems but also with some joy and happiness.

Senior citizens cannot be young again in the physical sense, but we can be attractive as much as possible which helps us to feel better and for those around us to see us a person of worth! Sometimes when I am out and about, I watch how some people treat senior citizens as if they don’t exist. I think some of this is due rudeness, some due to people just being in a hurry and some to just not seeing our value.

Therefore, it is important for us to look our best, and not be invisible!

JAFA helps me do this. It helps me present myself as someone who respects herself and expects to be respected by others.

When people come up to me and tell me how nice I look, I must admit it makes me feel good. When you are older, you have to try harder to look your best, but it is worth it!

Try JAFRA, you might like it as I do.