Accepting Yourself With Jafra

Someone asked me why I tell my age. There was a time when I did not tell my age because I didn’t associate beauty with age.

Another reason I did not want to tell my age was because getting older meant I was not young and vibrant anymore.

Then of course, who hasn’t heard of husbands leaving older wives and girlfriends for younger women. What older woman feels that she can compete with a younger woman; their youth, their beauty and of course their coke coke bottle shape? (Smile)

My suggestions to younger women is for them to enjoy and embrace their youth and beauty. However, at the same time, build their character, seek financial security by educating themselves, and build a strong foundation in their faith.

An older woman,  should not envy younger women because of THEIR aging but instead, embrace THEIR aging doing what they can to Look THEIR best!!!

Young or old JAFRA can help. It will not make you young again, but it can help you to age gracefully!